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Prohormones Outlawed
but Natural Hormonal Enhancement 
still legal and more effective!

Prohormones illegal. What half-baked, magic-bullet solution will be offered or finally terminated next is anyone's guess. While health fads go by the wayside revolutionaries like the late Dr. Robert Atkins are met with media-deafness for so forcefully denouncing the establishment as "liars". There is little money in food and exercise directives, unless accompanied by a patentable process or pill, so the good doctor's cry that "they're lying" was ignored for decades by all but the truth seekers. 

If Dr. Atkins was overly harsh in his denunciations, he should be forgiven on grounds that the issue in question is human 

human health in an era in which unintentionally self-inflicted disease kills hundreds-of-thousands of people a year. What, in the age of gene splicing and stem-cell research it took 30 years to figure-out that low-carb is better than high-carb? Atkins had been offering evidence the whole time. Chapter 8 of Rob Faigin's first book entitled, "You Broil Never Fry - But You've Been Living a Lie" cites more than 100 studies performed in the 1980's and 90's supporting carbohydrate-control and highlighting the dangers of a high-carbohydrate diet. Are you willing to wait another 30 years to learn the truthful documented facts upon which your health depends?


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At Last!

Throw Out your Scale
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breast-pocket sized

Quickly learn to visualize portions by volume. You know what a teaspoon or cup looks like, but 5 ounces?

Active Carb Counter
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BREAKTHROUGH!  Sensational new research reveals that hormones are the missing piece to the fat loss puzzle and are the key to lifetime youthfulness and optimal health. After years of intensive research, a fitness system has been developed that enables you to safely and naturally stimulate fat-burning, muscle-building, and anti-aging hormones.

What's more, this is the first comprehensive synthesis of the latest research in the cutting edge field of hormonal enhancement - not just the opinion of a few experts. The Natural Hormonal Enhancement guidebook exposes the folly of the conventional wisdom on fitness and fat loss and provides you with a step-by-step program substantiated by science. Which health myths are you being victimized by?  Quite possibly the most important and revolutionary health and fitness book ever written, Natural Hormonal Enhancement is must-reading for every person right now.  by Rob Faigin is....





The only health and
fitness book that is required reading at

a university!

Find out why the Atkins diet, Southbeach diet, the Grapefruit diet and virtually every other "diet" work only temporarily, and in the long run will always fail. Learn to eat and exercise in harmony with your hormonal systems for a lifetime of health and vigor.


Russian Strength Training Secrets
for Every American

from Soviet Special Forces Trainer

        Pavel Tsatsouline


The Media

Follow the links to find out what handful of companies own virtually every radio and television station, cable system, newspaper and magazine?  And who owns them! 


Gun Control

Which "optimistic" politician  said "This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!" Click here to find out.


Email and the Law

They still call your house every night several times. Now you get hundreds of pornographic emails. The immoral supreme court has ruled all spam is free speech further eroding by constant exposure our biblical and secular moral obligation not to commit adultery. Only when we return to Constitutional law and the people oversee judicial misconduct, not other attorneys, will reasonable civility return to the USA.



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